Saturday, August 22, 2009


"She entered the darkened library as soon as the family retired. The floors were richly carpeted and the sounds in the room were further dampened by the thick, velvet drapes. There were soft chairs and sofas in her path, but the moonlight from the tall windows was sufficient to see everything. The walls on three sides were solid with book shelves high up to the ceiling. She moved quietly to her right and began sliding her fingers over the spines of the books. Here was rich leather, smooth and gilded. Now she felt fabric, rough and dark green. She jumped as she came across a book with a silk covering. It almost glowed in the faint moonlight. Next to it another thick book with heavy ribs on the spine. The faint odor of the leather was almost dizzying. She gasped, breathless, murmuring, "Ohhh." And, pulling out the leather book, she sank down to the soft carpet and opened the book. The pages were rich with text that could be felt with the tips of her fingers when she moved her hand across the pages. The large letters were gilded and glittered in the light. Another page offered a beautiful illustration of a lovely woman swathed in a silken garment. "Ohhh." she whispered, "How lovely."

OK, now, can you get that kind of response reading a book on your computer???! I don't think so. Real books are never going to be in danger of extinction. EVER!

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