Saturday, August 22, 2009


Having been a publisher, editor and binder of limited edition, hand bound books for over thirty years, it seems quite logical a move to begin a new endeavor teaching book making on the internet. Binding a book really isn't all that difficult, however there are as many different book structures as there are binders trying to think up new ones. That's the fun of it.

I'm looking for people who like to make things with their hands. Books fill that bill and are completely functional besides. Recipe books, journals, family genealogy, Christmas lists, poems and stories, just about anything one can think of can be contained in one's very own hand bound book. It's not that perplexing and is completely rewarding to come up with a book in your hand that you've made every part of... and then write some of your deathless prose in it too! It's a rush.

The way I teach is to tailor the lessons to the expertise of each student and keep close by (in a manner of speaking) to help with drawings, pictures and diagrams. The beginners begin and the experienced invent clever things. At the end of my eight week online course the results are eight different book structures, "Voila!", for gifts to friends and family or just to house your thoughts and musings to entertain only yourself. I also send weekly newsletters and give a bonus E-book "Tips & Secrets from the Best Bookbinders."

If there is anything here that sparks a curiosity in your soul, you can learn more on my website and join the bookbinders of the world having fun.



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